Innovation in Offshore methane measurements by TP Europe

With the recently commissioned GT-44 portable detection unit, TP Europe has once again expanded its equipment range.

The GT-44 is mainly used for emission monitoring for methane-related emissions. In addition to the rapid detection response, the device's small dimensions and weight make it possible to carry it as hand luggage when working offshore. According to the EPA 21 and other national protocols, this unit is calibrated twice a day with the calibration gas Methane (500 + 10,000ppm). The device also has an IP54 rating.

During the introduction training, which was supervised by our partner 7Solutions, it soon became clear that the new GT-44 detection unit excels in ease of operation. And with the application of the extension probe there are even ergonomic advantages to be gained for our inspectors.
With the purchase of the base station, TP Europe can now also perform periodic calibrations of the GT-44 completely in-house, so that the detection unit always indicates the correct values.

Do you want a correct and especially fast methane related emission monitoring or maybe you want to know more about our new GT-44 detection unit?

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