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A combination of knowledge, expertise and innovation to monitor, quantify and reduce emissions in the industry.
Founded in 1996 and separated from its parent company in 2015 by experts who kept building expertise to provide the most comprehensive emission monitoring programs and assist clients achieve their KPIs and comply with the applicable regulations and standards.


Reducing emissions from the Oil & Gas and petrochemical industry is our primary goal.
Through our different emission management programs (LDAR, OGMP, Flare loss, ..etc), our experts support the industry to achieve the lowest emission rates in the most time/cost efficient manner.
Using our ATLAS emission management software, the battle against emissions becomes smart, easy and successful.


Producing energy requires the use of energy. Our goal is to minimise energy loss for our customers by performing efficient measurements on the relevant steam, nitrogen and air networks. With detailed reports and advice on repairs, we unburden our customers and minimise energy losses

TP Europe’s mission is to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment worldwide. We fully support the environmental goals set worldwide and want to contribute to this as best we can, within our power.

TP Europe does this by continuously providing services with the best available techniques, so that our partners can be advised in the best possible way. TP Europe considers it important that its employees share this mission and vision. We believe in working together with our clients as a partnership, because this is the only way to achieve the set goals!


In 2023, TP Europe opened its Abu Dhabi office to better serve our clients in the Middle East.The consultancy department is growing exponentially, especially in the areas of OGMP2.0 and European Methane Legislation. For the first time, TP Europe is working on all continents simultaneously.


TP Europe is founded with headquarters near Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Originally, TP Europe only performs OGI and LDAR measurements.


Due to explosive growth in the Netherlands and various requests from partners, TP Europe expands its service package to include Thermographic measurements and Energy losses.


TP Europe becomes market leader in offshore in the North Sea. Stricter regulations on fugitive emissions mean operators in the North Sea easily know where to find TP Europe.


TP Europe carries out work in Germany, Belgium and the Middle East for the first time. With strategic agents in several countries, TP Europe is gearing up for further expansion worldwide.


TP Europe launches emissions management software ATLAS. With this software, TP Europe’s partners have 24/7 insight into their emissions. ATLAS will be made compatible with the OGMP2.0 in the following years. ATLAS is also ideally suited for complying with the upcoming EU Methane legislation.


TP Europe specialises in the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP2.0) and keeps a close eye on developments regarding the upcoming EU Methane legislation. TP Europe gets involved in creating various laws and regulations at European, national and company level. With this, TP Europe is also increasingly profiling itself as a consultant for its partners.


TP Europe invests in various new and advanced measuring equipment and moves to a larger office to meet its needs.


Due to stricter regulations, TP Europe continues to grow and proves itself to be more and more a reliable and knowledgeable partner in emission management and monitoring.

Management Team

Edwin Stiegelis

Bram Boeren

Joey Steenbakker

Sytse War

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